livegems247 ( Working or Not? )

Livegems247: Websites like livegems247 give the possibility to Clash Royale players who do not want to spend money in the game store to generate an almost unlimited amount of gold and gems. However, most sites like livegems247 are not secure and safe to use, especially for new players.


Livegems247 is one of the most popular sites when it comes to modifying the clash royale game. The site livegems247 is a fairly new site which is offering a Clash Royale hack, while some sites offer apk downloads which are modded files only available for Android phones, livegems247 works both for iOS, Andriod and even on desktop computers. Clash Royale is an extremely popular game made by Supercell, they have also created games which you might also know like Clash of Clans and Hay Day.

Clash Royale is a free to play game which also has a competitive side to it. If you are new to Clash Royale you will find that you will often battle with other players, and often time the one with the best strategy will win, although there are some units considered by many as being overpowered and when you face an enemy which has these units there is hardly anything you can do. As most often is the case for free to play games there is a real grind to get the best units and items in the game.

Clash Royale has two major currencies, gems, and gold. You can earn gold and even gems if you are good at the game and win a lot of matches, although as you progress through the levels you will find that it will start becoming harder and harder not only to win games but to also get enough gold and gems needed for your troops. The main aim of livegems247 is to completely eliminate this grind by allowing players to use the online generator to generate almost unlimited amounts of gold and gems.

People using livegems247 have probably hit the point of no return in Clash Royale, this could happen if your early game strategy has not been the best. When it comes to gems and gold in Clash Royale a good economy will always win as even if you have the best army you will eventually have to use the gold and gems to resupply your armies. Without adequate amounts of these two resources, you will hit a point where you can not win against your opponents, at this point you will have several options, either buy gold and gems from the in-app store or use hacks and modified apk files.


Is Livegems247 legit?

While some might consider this as cheating, there are people who do it because of the convenience of it. When playing any free to play game you trade either your time or your money for in-game items and resources. People who do not have all day long to play and grind for the resources will use sites like livegems247, while others who actually love the grind and the constant challenge of adapting and overcoming your enemy against the odds.

Most sites like livegems247 are free to use, although one thing I have noticed while visiting some of these sites is that they often require you to pass human verification. You might be familiar with human verification used by Google in the form of Recaptcha, this captcha system not only blocks bots from using certain sites and services but it also learns from humans. Although when presented with different pictures to select in order to prove you are not a bot could be infuriating at some times.

Livegems247 uses a different type of human verification, which requires you to complete a survey. If you have ever attempted to complete a survey like this you know that this is a long process which will require a lot of information from you, I might add that as most peoples time is valuable you are better off to buy your gold and gems from the actual Clash Royale and not waste time on these surveys.

You have to be really careful when using sites like livegems247, as generating gems and gold is against Clash Royale’s terms of service and you might get banned for using the site. This could be especially infuriating if you have hundreds of hours in the game, and you just became too frustrated of the grind so you decided to use livegems247. Just one mistake could end up banning your account with all you have managed to achieve in the game, gone forever.

Is Livegems247 legit

There are some cases that players have managed to get their accounts back, however, this is only in certain situation. Sometimes when you get banned form Clash Royale you might think that deleting the app and reinstalling it will resolve the problem, but this is not the case. Even if you create a new account, you might find that even the new account has been banned, so be careful when using online generators like livegems247.

If you browse the internet you will find hundreds if not thousands of sites like livegems247, each claiming that you can get unlimited gold and gems for free. The one thing in common with these sites is that most of them require you to either download some file or to complete a survey. Most online generator websites look professionally made, you might even think that they have been made by Supercell to get players who want to cheat.

Another strange aspect of sites like livegems247 is that almost none of them have the secure lock on the left next to the domain name, this is called an SLL certificate and only trusted sites have these. What I also do not like in livegems247 is that you need to verify your email even before you start the so-called human verification. I hate subscribing and registering to new sites, as most often times I get flooded with SPAM emails shortly afterward.

Is Livegems247 working?

If you are planning to use the site my suggestion is to use a fake email, you can find hundreds of sites which do offer fake emails which expire after a short period of time. This way you can get your gold and gems and also stay away from spammers. The big difference between livegems247 and other online generators is the recent activity tab where you can see how many gems have other users generated.

Although you will see a lot of people generating 99999 gold and gems in a go, my suggestion is to keep it small as huge spikes in your gold and gems will probably look fishy and you might get banned. No point in having an unlimited amount of gold and gems if you can not play the game anymore. The biggest problem with Clash Royale is not only the grind but also the cost of gems and gold if you want any significant amount of resources you will have to spend at least $100 and no wonder people are using sites like livegems247.

Is Livegems247 working

As the competition in the free to play mobile games increases so will the monetization of these games increase and this, in turn, will create a demand for services offering cheaper resources or even free resources than the in-game shop. While most people can play the entire game without spending any money or to using online generators, there will be some which will spend a lot of money on in-game purchases, most of these are impulse buys but even small amounts can add up fairly quickly.

People who spend a lot of money on games like Clash Royale are named by the industry as whales, and the entire industry is built around them. Even for games that have millions of users, these wales are fairly rare but even a  couple of hundred of whales could finance the entire game as some might even spend thousands of dollars in-game. Some free to paly games mostly on pc do have in-game purchases but the successful ones only let your purchase skins and cosmetic items which are not affecting the gameplay in any shape or form, one of the most successful free to play games which have managed to achieve this is Fortnite.

Free to play mobile games sell resources and items which do impact the gameplay, in most cases if you do not have enough resources or some specialized item no matter how good your strategy is you will not be able to win. Most games consider these practices as pay to win mechanics and in order just to keep up with the competition without spending any money they resort on using sites like livegems247.

In conclusion

The website livegems247 is one out of hundreds if not thousands of websites claiming to generate unlimited gold and gems for Clash Royale. As most free to play mobile games have in-app purchases with ridiculously high prices there are a lot of players who choose not to spend any money in-game and risk generating gold and gems with livegems247.

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