Clash Royale tips and tricks to dominate

Clash Royale is a very complex game where even the smallest mistakes could end you up loosing your battle. You can win with any deck build but what if I told you that you can win with the same decks by simply using them more strategically. I made a fairly extensive tip list to help show you how you can get the best results in battles with your deck may that be a beginner or an advanced deck.

Remember to always take calculated risks and do not waste your elixir. Always try to have an elixir advantage, the higher the better as elixir management will win most of your battles. Try to always go for the enemy towers and avoid activating the kings tower. If you need an in depth guide check it out here.

1. Always wait and Zap to save yourself from one extra hit

2. You can distract the minions behind a Lava Hound with the help of skeletons.

3. You can defend your collector and activate your Kings tower by using a battle ram

4. Put a tornado in such a manner that the troops push your giant skeleton towards the enemy tower.

5. Place an ice spirit behind your tower to completely take out the skeleton barrel.

6. While playing a rocket against the barbarian hut, wait until the first barbarian reaches the midpoint of the bridge and than release the rocket. This helps you to kill the newly spawned barbarians also.

7. Use a clone whenever your opponent tries to distract your giant skeleton by placing an ice gollem

8. Place an ice spirit behind the approaching goblin gang to save yourself from extra hits

9. A princess placed behind your kings tower can completely take out a skeleton barrel.

10. Always place your xbow right next to a bridge so that if your opponent plays a golem you can use the tip of the log and move it outside the xbows range

11. Lightning always attacks troops with the most elixir

12. Place an ice spirit in the center of the map to completely counter the split archers.

13. Place an ice spirit just before the fire spirits are about to reach the tower as it saves you from getting two hits

14. Place a poison to take out a furnace without even getting a single hit.

15. Place a hog rider exactly in front of the collector so it goes straight to the collector

16. Use an ice gollum and fire spirits to take out 3 musketeers

17. Perfectly timed goblin hut can counter an enemy goblin hut and chip the opposite tower

18. You can activate your Kings tower by pulling the knight which using the tornado.

19. Place your goblins one tile outwards to the bridge to get an extra hit.

20. Fire spirits can completely take out the goblin barrel

21. You can take out a dark goblin by placing an ice spirit just before it crosses the bridge

22. You can push back tanks like giant using a tornado to re target the xbow or mortar

23. Use the battle ram as a lightning rod to save your musketeers

24. Use a miner to distract your opponents pekka to push from the other side

25. Use a prediction dark prince to take out the opponents goblin barrel

26. Place a tornado just before the barrel comes so that it activates your kings tower

27. Always place the rocket first and than the tornado

28. Place your bandit diagonally against the opponents bandit so that it doesn’t take any damage while dashing

29. Playing two barrels at once looks like a single barrel to your opponent

30. Use a miner to pull the pekka towards the back and push with a minion horde

31. A bolder can take out the goblin barrel if timed correctly

32. You can use a tombstone to re target the royal giant

33. You can defend your collector and push the miner by using a log

34. A tombstone can completely take out a mega knight

35. You can activate your kings tower by throwing a fireball over the miner who is right next to one of your towers

36. You can use a tornado on the tile right next to your kings tower to activate your kings tower using the skeletons of the grave yard

37. Always play your barrel 2-3 tiles behind the tower when you have a princess near the bridge

38. A mega knight can kill all the goblins of the goblin barrel if placed correctly

39. Place the log right behind your tower so this way you can take out all the skeletons with perfect timeing

40. You can shut down a hog rider by placing a pekka or mini pekka right in front of your tower

41. When your opponent tries to trick you by playing the goblin barrel 2-3 tiles behind your tower use skeletons to activate your Kings tower

42. Log an approaching troop to push it back and get your prince charged

43. Always place your rocket to the inner bottom tile so it takes less time to travel.

44. Use a log to push the miner towards the kings tower and activate it

45. While playing a royal ghost make sure to place him first and than the tank as he won’t be affected by the tower due to his invisibility

46. You can tornado the miner pulling him to your kings tower to get activated

47. You can use the death damage of the ice gollum to activate the kings tower

48. Hide your goblin barrel behind a rocket

49. Counter the mega knight by using the goblin gang

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