Clash Royale Ram Rider how to use it and how to counter it

The Ram Rider snares each unit in order of which unit is closer to here but she will prioritize units that have not been snared yet. The Ram Rider has almost the same health as the Hog Rider but she does cost 1 elixir more.

Ram Rider Abilities

  • Ram Rider has a charge, without it she doesn’t move that fast
  • 1.1 attack speed
  • 2-second duration, she can snare a maximum of 2 units at any given time
  • Here snare stops charger units like Battle Ram, Dark Prince etc.
  • The range of 5.5 tiles which is the same as a Wizards so you have to know which units to use to defend here

For example, a Sparky planted behind your tower is not going to stop the Ram Rider as Sparky’s range of attack is one tile shorter and he will not be within range. All you need to remember that the Princess, Magic Archer, Musketeers will all out range the Ram Rider but she will have a range advantage against every other unit that she can snare.

When charging up the Ram Rider it is based on the distance she is able to travel just like the Prince and Battle Ram. The charging mechanic activates at exactly at 3.5 tiles that they have traveled. When she is defending against a swarm it is very difficult to know which unit will she snare next., generally, it is the closest not snared unit but that is kind of hard to read when there are many Skeletons coming at you.

The Ram Rider is not a card that you can ignore, left alone she can deal over 1500 damage to your tower. The Ram Rider has a different sight range, it is longer than regular units, regular units typically have 5.5 tiles sight range while the Hog Riders are 9.5 tiles, but the Ram Rider has a 7.5 tiles sight range. She will be pulled by Cannons and everything else in the center but she will not go towards that center planted Elixir Collector like the Hog Rider.

A single Hog Rider can be stopped completely with the Ram Riders snare ability and immobilizing the Hog Rider will give your Tower time to kill it. She does have trouble with multiple units, for example, the Royal Hogs, there will be 4 of them and that is a way for many piglets to snare all at once. Even the Battle Ram and the 2 Barbarians can be stopped completely given that you place the Ram Rider perfectly.

If a lone melee unit is coming towards your Tower wait until that unit is close to your tower before planting here to avoid any damage to your Tower or even to your Ram Rider. If you place here directly behind your Tower, your own Tower blocks here path and forces here to walk around your tower slowing down here charge and maximizing the time that she spends on your side of the river to defend the counter push.

The Ram Rider can also do this with any “thick” unit kind of how you place a Prince behind the Giant to slow down the Prince and slightly speed up the Giant to connect to the enemy tower faster. When incoming Giants have crossed the bridge plant the Ram Rider directly in the line where the Giant is to block her path and maximize the snare time so your tower can kill the Giant.

You want the Ram Rider to struggle on your side of the map rather on the enemyes side. She has an interesting mechanic where she can snare both the Witch and the Night Wich preventing them from spawning any of their Bat Babies which is one of the best abilities of a Witch but not against the Ram Rider.

The Ram Rider has a fast 1.1-second attack speed, putting here a bit further back she can really stop a lot of damage from Graveyard. Ram Rider is really good defending against units and turning that into a counter attack, after which you can build a big push or you can just have here run in by the Ram Rider is a 5 elixir car.

She can jump the river just like the Hog can, the Ram has a larger sight range just like the Hog Rider but she snares at the same time and can be used to counter-attack while snaring the units in place for your Tower destroy them. You can do this against most units, really notable units are going to be the Dark Prince, Bandit Hunter, and even the Electro Dragon, timing is key.

There are 2 different types of kites that the Ram Rider can do:

  1. She can jump the river at any given spot
  2. Kite units also running onto the opposite bridge, plant here 4 tiles down the river on the opposite side and she will kite without jumping. This is especially useful for units that are really tanky, you may need to kite them a little longer and take more damage. The Ram Rider is the only unit that can do this because she is the only one that can jump the river and charge while doing it.

The slower charging speed to get here charge is very useful, timing and placement is key. The Ram Rider can defend against the Cannon Cart on your side of the map just make sure you plant here further back so it buys your Tower more time to destroy the cart. The Ram Rider will have here charge ready and will destroy the cart easily.

The Ram Rider is good against big tanks also as she utilizes here snare ability to support your units, she is very versatile by herself or even with big tanks. With here long snare duration she can immobilize a Baloon as long as the Baloon is by itself.

If you have been baited and don’t have any spells she is actually good against the Goblin Barrel, defend the Ram Rider and they will have only 3 stabs at your Tower, all thanks to here really fast attack speed.

Parrying here up with Freeze can do some major damage similar to the Hog Rider. The Freeze can be used as a surprise factor where you freeze to take the tower.

One of the best and overlooked synergies in the Ram Rider is the knockback, this can be in any form from Skeleton Barrel to the Snowball. For example, if they have a Mini Pekka, snowball the Mini Pekka out of range of the Ram Rider and the Mini Pekka will be permanently snared while the Rime Rider destroys the enemy Tower, this is an amazing synergy that just wrecks.

With all of the Ram Riders strenghts she is hard to counter:

One way is to place units to block her path if it is a single unit place it close enough for both the Ram Rider and the Tower so that your defender can reach the Ram Rider even if she is at the Tower and snared. You have got to be really careful, if you get too greedy and don’t plant it close enough to the Ram Rider she is going to snare melee units that are almost in range and she is going to do a lot of damage.

If you plant a Bandit to early she may dash but after that first dash you are out of luck because of the Perma snare, keep in mind if your defending unit has range than put it in the Ram Riders path earlier, this is to limit the damage as much as possible while trying to stop here as fast as possible. If you are trying to defend with a mele unit make sure to plant them directly in the Ram Riders path while still in range of here after here snare, if not get ready to lose that unit.

The Ice spirit can still land on here you just have to plant it on her path so it can jump onto here, if you plant it too far here snare will trap the unit and will not be in range to jump.

Just like the Hog Rider or Battle Ram, the Ram Rider can be stobbed entirely with a bolder without getting any damage due to here slow movement speed before here charge.

Lava Loon can now be separated much more easily at the bridge to counter the Baloon more effectively, weakening the Lava Loon synergy. The Ram Rider also has difficulty defending against hordes because she switches targets so fast.

The Mega Knight can easily stop here without any trouble with his knockback and his size, she can’t avoid on getting jumped on, it is going to deny her from connecting to the tower.

Electro Wizard can stop the Ram Rider right at the bridge, utilize his spawn attack and get some damage as she has a lot longer range if you plant the Wizard further away.

Goblin Gang will still let the Ram Rider to connect. Because the rider targets units pairing here up with Zapp it will completely stop the Goblin Gang and all other swarms just because it allowers here to one shot each of the goblins.

The Ram Rider is a charging unit which means that you can stop here charge with any kind of knockback or stun like Zapp, snowball, log, rocket, and lightning. Every spell timing is different if you use it to early she will get here charge value, my recommended timing is right before she is about to connect to the tower.

You might think it is wrong to Lightning the Ram Rider but she costs 5 elixir and here charge is reset by the stun as well, it is perfectly fine to lightning here and this way you will have a positive elixir trade. Rocketing the Ram Rider is a good idea because of here 5 elixir cost.

Tornado her to the Kings Tower to activate it but you must time it well and pull here a bit early or she will get 2 hits on the Tower including the charge damage. If you place the Tornado to early it might not even pull the Ram Rider to the Kings Tower.

If you have units that can outrange here, just place them on the opposite lane and keep defending, they might take a couple of hits but this way you can defend while setting up a counter attack.

Minion Horde does stop the Ram Rider but just barely, it is a close call and she will be really close to your Tower, it will be devastating if you rely on your Minion Horde and your opponent happens to have a Zapp as here snare is going to take out the Minions one by one, and she  will connect to your Tower.

Traditionally Tombstone is decent against stopping Giants or even Hog Riders as they have to hit the Tombstone a couple of times before it pops. After it pops the skeletons will assist in taking out the enemy unit. But with the Ram Riders charge which does 400 damage, it will annihilate your Tombstone and its snare will pick off every single Skeleton and this will be a negative elixir trade.

All other spawner buildings except the Tombstone do stop here much more easily, they are not as fragile as the Tombstone. 

All defensive Towers stop here easily, even a Cannon can endure here charged Ram and this will be a good positive elixir trade.

Just like when the Hog Rider is coming on to you plant the mortar to counterattack while your Tower takes care of the Ram Rider, you could do this with your Xbow but that is a 6vs5 elixir trade and you should only use it if you have nothing else. Just make sure to plant the siege building before she walks 3.5 tiles and gets here charge down.

The Ram Rider is very good at countering herself if you find yourself in a Ram Rider vs Ram Rider situation use here on your side to defend this way you will get a bigger elixir advantage for a bigger counter push.

As the Ram Rider is a new card she has a high win rate but usually, new cards do have a high win rate when they are new as people didn’t learn how to counter it yet.

The Ram Rider is a very interesting card due to her versatility, she is able to substitute the Hog Rider and the Battle Ram.

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