Clash royale best way to spend gems

Today I will show you what is the best way to spend gems in clash royale in terms of what are the best and also what are the worst ways to spend your gems. During the time supercell has added a lot of new ways to spend your gems in Clash Royale.

As a side note you might have seen a lot of youtube videos offering free gems with online generators, these do not work and don’t even attempt to use them at best they are going to steal your Clash Royale account info and at worst who knows. Just keep an eye out on anybody who is trying to trick you to go to some shady site offering you free gems.

Worst ways to spend your gems

  1. Special value pack

One of the worst ways to spend your gems is with the special values in the shop, these don’t really present much value at all when it comes to buying individual cards for gems. Constantly in your shop, you will see common cards at half of gem each, rare cards at 5 gems each and epic cards at 50 gems a piece. This is not great value and the only reason why you ever would buy one of these is if you are very close to an upgrade and you just want to upgrade it. Otherwise, save your gems for a better value proposition.

      2. Gold 

This is the second worst way to spend your gems, you do not want to buy gold in the shop unless you really need to upgrade a card and you can’t find it in any other way. The best value for gold in the shop is the Wagon for 4500 gems but there are much better ways to spend your gems.

     3. Treasure chests

You will notice that in most cases if it shows up in your shop it is not the best value for your gems, this goes for the above-mentioned items also. Chest is not the best value even compared to the ones before but there are some reasons you might want to buy one of these such as having the autonomy of being able to select your cards with a Lightning Chest or Legendary Chest to actually farm Legendary Cards as they are so rare and sometimes it is just nice and convenient to purchase one of these chests and get a legendary. But in terms of value it has very little to offer.

     4. Open now

Forcing the chest to open to shorten your time to wait for it, this can be good in some of the ways as you can get to the good chests faster in your cycle but these chests would open on their own with time. Even if you will keep playing there are still better ways to use your gems and it is hard to make the case that you will get any substantial value in paying gems to open them.

Best way to spend gems

If you are looking to get a good bang for your gems the best way to do it is with boosts, there are 3 types of boosts available in Clash Royale currently and each cost 300 gems. But once in a while, Super Cell will give you a deal which will cost you only 100 gems and these are extremely valuable. If you can afford it definitely buy some of these boosts, even if there is no current deal and it costs 300 gems I would recommend them.

  1. Victory Gold Boost

This is easily one of your best bangs for your gems, however, this is also one of the least valuable out of the 3. 

     2. Chest Speed Up Boost

If you can get 100% use out of it, in terms of value for your gems for a Classic Challange, if you can get 8 wins it’s value will be the same as if you get 100% usage of the Chest Speed Up Boost. If you can get 9 wins in a Classic Challange you are almost better off just playing the Classic Challenges to get more value than the Chest Speed Up Boost.

     3. Crown Chest Boost

Doubles the value of your chests and cards and the boost lasts for 7 days.

Emotes and special offers

Emotes are the worst value honestly and the offers do not give you absolutely any competitive advantage as these are purely esthetical but if you like these cosmetics and emotes go for them especially if you are a long time player as it will change the look and feel of the game. Just know before you buy that these will give you no competitive edge in the arena. 

As for the special offers these have very little value. These are almost equal value of a 6 Grand Challange win. Even if it is a 5x value on a special offer it doesn’t always mean that is better than participating in a Grand Challange, Classic Challange or a Global Tournament.

Grand and Classic Challenges

These add real value for your gems and for a per gem basis the best value in Clash Royale is Grand Challenges and also the premium rewards in the Global Tournaments. As for value between the Grand and Classic Challenges, the Grand Challenges offer you a little bit more of a value. If you get a 12 win Grand Challange versus a 12 win Classic Challange in terms of the reward you will get a little bit more reward out of the Grand Challange. But the Classic Challenges are much easier to do and as both of the Challenges offer almost similar value but the Grand Challange is harder to complete my suggestion is to invest in Classic challenges.

Another aspect to take in consideration is time, you have to play through 10 classics to be able to spend the amount that you would be able to pay for a Grand Challange.

Global Tournaments

These are interesting as you are able to decide whether or not to play in the Global Tournaments after you have actually completed it so you know how much of worth is it for you. Every Global Tournament changes, the cost of the rewards from 500 gems could get to 300 gems and that would affect its value based on the prizes as well. The best value in the Global Tournaments is by getting the more rarer cards at a greater value compared to every other offer, making it the cheapest way to get legendary and even epic cards.

But if your goal is to get as much gold as possible then stick to the Challenges.

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