Clash of clans Town Hall lvl 9 upgrade guide

What you should upgrade and when you should upgrade based on math. I will make it as simple as I can that way it is not too overwhelming, TH 8 is pretty complicated but TH 9 is even more complicated. If you are not yet at TH 9 and want some lover lvl tips here is my Clash of Clans Beginners Guide. Clash of clan is a game which changes with every update, balance update and TH 9 needs to be looked at very strategically.

The first thing to look for is if are you maxed out, I recommend that you max your base before you go to TH 9 that includes 3 different things


  • The easiest way to see if your buildings are upgraded and maxed out is by clicking on the little builder on the top of the screen, the suggested upgrades have a list of the cheapest upgrades that you can do for each resource. This includes elixir, dark elixir and gold. If in the suggested field there is only the TH upgrade it means that you are fully upgraded.


  • If you have the black skull walls which are maxed lvl TH8, you need to make sure you have upgraded all of them. The easiest way to check is by clicking on the hand icon with the two arrows on the right. This will bring up all your base designs, click edit, layout and then remove all, what that is going to do is it’s going to bring everything down to the menu where you can scroll and how many black skull walls you have. If you have walls that aren’t maxed out then it will show up on the left and showing their level. Be sure to lvl up all your walls before you go to TH lvl 9


  • If the laboratory has the word “research” above it means that you have more stuff to research

When your buildings, walls, and laboratory is maxed out then you are ready for TH 9. When you click to upgrade to TH 9 you will see all its benefits like more storage capacity, more hitpoints and it is a 10 day upgrade.

There will be a lot of new items in TH 9 which you can find under the shop button like:

  1. Xbow of which you will get 2
  2. Queen altar, you will want to get that Queen Archer as fast as possible as she is very powerful
  3. New Collectors
  4. New Mines
  5. New Storages
  6. New defenses like the arch tower
  7. New Walls
  8. Wizard Tower
  9. Air defense
  10. Tesla Sweeper
  11. Giant Bomb
  12. Seeking Air mines of which you get 2

My recommendation is to get these new items as fast as possible, a lot of these upgrades are going to take 30 seconds 60 seconds. A few of them will take a little bit longer like the Tesla, Air defense these are several days at least. When you reach TH 9 invest all of your builders into getting all of your buildings because that will help you the best in balancing your base to get your best matchup in war and also the Xbow, the new defenses and the Queen will protect your loot even better in multiplayer.

If you would have all the resources it would be easy to get all the new buildings built but sometimes you will not have enough elixir to do the next most important upgrade so in this guide we are going to break them down on the resources.


Any new TH9 requires a lot of new elixir do some very important offensive and resource upgrade,  offense is what makes you a better attacker. You want to be as good of an attacker as possible to get as much loot as possible.


  • This along with your Archer Queen should be your first and second upgrade and focus upgrading it as fast as possible because you will have a lot of time invested in this lab after it’s done upgrading the levels of your barbarians, archers and pretty much every single troop in the game except a couple and a couple of spells. This means the laboratory is extremely important and it is the Nr. 1 priority for every new TH level.

Spell Factory

  • You only get one upgrade at TH 9 of the Spell Factory and this unlocks 2 very important spells, the Jump Spell and the Freeze Spell.

Army Camps

  • The Army Camp is going to increase your total troop capacity, the number of troops you can take from 200 to 220. which is a 10% increase in your overall offensive capability, regardless of your game skill level it is just good to have it. The Army Camp is not like the Barracks or the Spell Factory which you can’t use while they are upgrading.


  • Because it unlocks the Baby Dragon which is an extremely valuable troop and very powerful. You can do the Barrack upgrades on at a time or you can do the 2 at a time. Your armies will take twice as long to cook during this time but at least it will be over with. Definitely, the beginning of any new TH 9 is going to be a getting it over with mentality.

Dark Barracks

  • There is 2 of these and each of them gets 2 upgrades this means you are going to be upgrading 4 Dark Barracks altogether. The first upgrade is going to unlock the Lava Hounds the second will unlock the Wich.

Dark Elixir Storage

  • You will have 2 upgrades for the Dark Elixir Storage plus 3 upgrades for your Dark Elixir Drills. You will need the storage to upgrade eventually, plus if you upgrade your storage than it has more hit points which requires your opponent to have to spend more time attacking that Dark Storage to get your loot while your defenses are defending it.
  • Dark Elixir Drills means free loot.

Gold Mine

  • Upgrade and max out both your gold mine and gold storage, you could put the gold storage in front of some of the above-mentioned upgrades especially if you are maxing out your gold very often.

Dark Spell Factory

  • This only unlocks the Skeleton Spell this isn’t a very good spell and this is why it is the last priority in the Elixir Upgrades.


Gold upgrades are a lower priority as it only upgrades traps and defenses but there is a couple of things that should be a very high priority.

Clan Castle

  • This will give you 5 more troop capacity so with that you can carry your Lava Hound into battle.

Elixir Collector

  • Elixir collector plus the elixir storage costs gold to upgrade and you will get free loot with the collector and more storage for better upgrades.


  • At TH 9 you will get a new Giant Bomb and 2 Seeking Air Mines, these new traps should be upgraded to the TH 8 max so refer to your maxed out TH 8 base and upgrade them to those levels so that way your base is more balanced. You don’t want to upgrade your traps beyond that just yet. The same thing goes for the new defenses.
  • You should focus on upgrading the new walls as fast as possible if you have 5 builders available leave one builder to upgrade your walls.
  • Do not upgrade the Xbow at this point yet focus on the ones above.

It all comes down to loot don’t overcomplicate it, farm as much as possible. Pour your Dark Elixir straight into your heroes and laboratories, try not to spend as much. Use your Elixir on your offensive buildings, Army Camps, Laboratory, Barracks etc. you want to make sure to keep as many builders busy on elixir at the beginning as possible while using your gold to upgrade your new buildings to the max. After which come to your traps and defenses.

Don’t neglect your walls, heroes, traps and try to be as balanced as possible.

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