Clash of clans low level farming

What is farming? If you are active on forums or gaming sites you have probably heard a lot of times the term “farming”. Farming means that you are gaining more loot than you are spending with your attacks this way you have a good profit to reinvest in your upgrades, buildings or armies.

The sooner you learn the concept of farming the more rewarding it will be as you are just going to snowball through your enemies, so it’s better to start early.

Use the Goblin Troop for farming as they steal loot from the enemy and this is primarily what the farming method is used as. Each of your troop that you train up will cost resources mostly elixir, in the higher Town Hall levels you will be using Gold and Elixir more and more.

How to farm

  • There are a lot of farming armies and you should aim for as cheap army as possible in order to get the maximum loot altho keep in mind that your army still needs to defeat the enemy. This also depends on your play style, how much you can actually be going to play will also determine what kinds of armies you will use.
  • Make sure to upgrade your Elixir Storages so you have enough space in them for the enemies loot. If you have the resources make sure to upgrade your defenses as well.
  • Don’t forget to clear the obstacles on your map as it will give you free Gems, but any of the obstacles for which you require Gold will not grow back.
  • There are different ways that you can steal loot, you will get different amounts of resources from each enemy base which you can see on the top left corner.
  • If your storages are capped out in Elixir make sure to upgrade them because if you win the battle you won’t get the Elixir otherwise.
  • Before going into battle analyze the enemy base, don’t fight battles which you can not win.

Stealing the loot is very easy as these are stored in the storages and you should go for them if they are not well defended. If they have a good defense protecting the storages either attack another base or focus on destroying the defenses before, just make sure that you spend fewer resources than you gain. You can steal 20% of resources from the storages, from the gold mines and elixir pumps you can steal 50%, so if you see plenty of gold in their mines than target these first.

With some practice, you will be able to identify what you can and can not steal.

For your first low-level farming attack use the Goblin Troops, put these on the enemy storages or mines if they have any and once these buildings are destroyed you will see that the “Available Loot” is less and less this means that you already stole loot from your enemy. Sprinkle your Goblins little by little to ensure you lose as few as possible. If the enemy has a Mortar watch out for it as this does splash damage and you should prioritize in taking it out as soon as possible.

After you get the loot there is no point in sending any more troops as you won’t get extra loot from it. Try to limit the number of troops you use and be as tactical as possible as most of the low-level bases are badly defended and your aim should be to exploit this.

Do remember not to go after the Elixir Storage building if your Elixir Storage can’t fit any more Elixir as you won’t get the Elixir from the enemy.

The Town Hall itself acts as storage also, once you have destroyed the enemyes gold mines and storages you will see on the upper left corner how much “Available Loot” is and this loot will be located in the Town Hall. The Town Halls are difficult to destroy and you might end up spending more resources on trying to loot the Town Hall than on the actual attack so my recommendation is after you have destroyed the enemyes Gold mines and Storages just end the battle.

If you are worried that this means you lost the battle and lost some trophies don’t worry you got the loot and there is no point in investing more defenses to destroy the Town Hall for the fraction of the loot. As for trophies these don’t matter on the low level at all. 

When you are farming it really doesn’t matter if you win or lose if you get the opponents resources, you will want to win once you go further up the levels as you can get stronger bases with more loot an more bonus from winning but as you are farming your mission is to get as much loot as possible and once you get it just leave the battle.

Make sure you cook up your armies in the background during fights.

If you have gravestones in your home base, these are what is left of an enemy which has attacked you, click on these graves and you will get free gems.

When you decide to go for a new farming raid make sure you keep pressing next till you find a suitable base which you can farm as soon as possible.

The Goblins are resource targeting troops, once they are places they immediately go for buildings which have resources first. Make sure to try and spread them out to avoid the enemy defenses as much as possible.

There are several army comps that you can use in these farming raids but my recommendation is to go with the Goblin Troops, these are fairly weak but cheap troops and as they prioritize in attacking resource buildings you will be able to farm much faster with them than with other troops. Many low-level bases do not have defenses set up in a symmetric way and some of them even have their walls as defenses on one or more sides, these bases are excellent for farming and with a little bit of luck, you will find a lot of these.

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