Clash of clans-10 mistakes to avoid while building your base

Today I am giving you guys 10 tips for Base Building, specifically 10 things NOT to do when you are building your base and these apply to most Town Hall levels, some of these tips will be specific to certain Town Hall lvl’s but pretty much for any level of Town Halls can be applied to. Most of the times people want to know what to do correctly and sometimes mistakes do happen so make sure to avoid these 10.

1. Archer Queen

Exposing your Archer Queen especially at TH 10 for attacks that just use the heroes and a very small kill squad to try and take out your Archer Queen and then use defense targeting troops like hogs or loons on the rest of the bast on a very large numbers. You have to be careful and keep your Queen as protected as possible towards the center and next to the CC if you can as this is the most viable strategy at the moment.

2. Giant bombs and spring traps

This applies to any Town Hall level, place your Spring Traps where there are going to drop their Healing Spells and you want to put the Giant Bombs where they are not going to drop the Heal Spells. Most of the times people will have a set up of their base where they have lots of defenses and in the places where the attackers are going to drop  heal will be small.

For example if there is a 2×2 like Wizard Tower, Archer Tower, Cannon the enemy is going to drop a heal spell anywhere, having the Giant Bombs is not going to help because if the Hogs are under heal a single or even a double Giant Bomb will not hurt the Hogs that much. It is important that you put Spring Traps in that area and put the Giant Bombs towards the outside of the base where there is only like two defenses, in places where Hogs are still going to go but they are not going to be ready to heal at that point.

They are going to try and use their heals in the middle of the base so that way the heals are not so effective as the Spring Traps don’t care about heals and they just kill off the Hogs. Be careful not to do this to much because the Giant Bombs are helpful in killing the kill squad as well. Don’t have all your Giant Bombs in weird spots where there are only 1-2 defenses, keep a few in the core and the Bomb Towers are good at hurting kill squads.

Giant Bombs focus them where they are  not going to want to use a healing spell. This way you can either force a heal or hurt the Hogs.

3. King placement

Do not put your King near to the Queen especially you don’t want them to be taken out with a Hog attack as the King is so good at defending Hogs especially a lvl 40 King. This does NOT apply to TH 9 as well, the idea is if you are going to keep your King and Queen close to each other and if the Queen is in the middle it is hard to keep the King that far away from here. But if you want to make sure if the enemy is coming for both of your Heroes they are not going to neutralize Spring Traps, Giant Bombs, Bomb Towers and other stuff good against Hogs. 

The King is a very valuable asset and if you put him next to the Queen and the enemy sends in a good kill squad both of your Heroes might fall. What ever path the attacker has to take to get both of your Heroes is should not be a favorable one for them.

4. Air defenses

At TH 10 keep the air defenses away from your Single Infernos. Most people are using Single Infernos which are very good at getting Lava Hounds and the big mistake people make is that they put their air defenses close to the Single Infernos. Infernos are not that good against loons, they are good against braking up the Hounds so keep 3 if not all of your air defenses in the range of your Single Infernos and this way you will get some good value and you will be able to get the Lava Hounds killed and the loons will start to be targeted once the Lava Hounds are down.

5. Xbows

Make sure your xbows are in a good placement to defend the Queen walks, do not put them to close to the outside of the base as they are a valuable for defense, unless you are going for an advanced technique but mostly you should place the xbows in the traditional spots.

6. Red air bombs

We all know you do not want to put them next to your air defenses because the Lava Hounds soak them up and they do very little damage to Lava Hounds whereas the loons have the nice splash damage taking out approximately a quarter of the loons HP. You want o make sure that they hit the Loons so as a result you will always keep them away from your air defenses as you will put them in spots where there are Wizad Towers.

But you have to be careful when a Lave Hound Explodes, the Lava Pups can trigger those air bombs which is why you not only want to make sure the Red Air Bombs range does not extend over the air defense but also keep it additionally further away so the Pups won’t fly out and trigger all those traps.

A good rule of thumb is to look at the range of the air defense and make sure within that 10 tile radius there is no Red Air Bombs. This might apply to only a few of your Red Air Bombs due to their range but try to make your most valuable ones very far from air defenses as if they are medium distance those pesky Pups can trigger it and you don’t want your Red Air Bombs hitting one Lava Pup as you want them to hit the loons instead.

A lot of exploding Pups have ruined a lot of air traps for people

7. Tesla’s

Don’t have your Tesla’s right next to each other, I am a big fan of Tesla farms but you don’t want to make a Tesla farm that has Tesla’s next to each other as that way the balloons (depending on the angle) can take them both out in one balloon drop due to their splash damage. That is why occasionally you will see a balloon take out an army camp as it drops on the defense right next to it.

The same logic applies to regular defenses as well, if there is a Tesla and an Archer Tower you run the risk (depending on the angle) of them both getting hit by the same loon drop. Keep your defenses spread out it is not a good idea to have them touching anyways. One tile between them should be good and that way you can also put Spring Traps next to them and if the space is 2 tiles you can simply put a Giant Bomb between them

8. Defenses

You don’t want to have a base where you can have a bunch of defenses all be targeted by defense targeting troops and when people deploy loons or hogs they deploy them from the outside of the base and they target an initial defense. If you have too many of these little places where they simply just drop a bunch of balloons or a group of hogs on it and makes it very easy for them to overwhelm your base with balloons, that is why Mortars are so effective because they clump up balloons. 

Make sure the enemy can not simply spam balloons and target for ex. 5 different defenses as that will make the balloons work way to efficiently and the same principle goes for the hogs.

9. Mortar

Don’t put a trash building next to a mortar where you can boulder bounce off the building onto the Mortar. Anything that is not an Army Camp or a Builder Hut has too many HP. Most often times you should put your Army Camp so the boulder can’t bounce.

10. Seeking mines

You want to avoid going too heavy on double or triple Seeking Air Mines because a Lava Hound with a little bit of HP left will go to an air defense and trigger every Seeking Air Mine, thus making a waste for the clumped up Seeking Air Mines. Try to keep them one per air defense or double up on one or two that you suspect will be hit by loons.

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