Brawl Stars ultimate beginners guide

Here on you will find that we give you the best Beginners Strategy which doesn’t include any money spent and will maximize your fun and speed up your rankings!

I am going to give you my 9 top tips on how to dominate in Brawl Stars from day one.

1. Coins


I know this is tempting as they’re gonna pop up offers where you can spend coins to buy power points to level up your brawler’s every single day, but if you are trying to max out your account what is going to be your biggest holdup? Its’s the coins. Coins are the most necessary resource to get your brawlers to the next level and you just want to keep sawing your coins to level up your brawlers instead of spending coins to get those points to level up your brawlers.

You are going to need those coins most of all, now maybe you have one  or two favorite brawlers I can understand if you level them as fun is the main aim of the game not just grinding. But for the most part you don’t want to be spending any of the coins from the shop as that is going to take it longer to max out your Brawlers.

The only exception is buying Star Powers in the shop, once a brawler is at lvl 9 you can buy the star power for that brawler in the shop and that will be a good deal if all your other Brawlers are lvl 9 otherwise just hold of on spending coins in the shop until all your Brawlers are lvl 9. Than you can go ahead and buy as many Star Powers as you need. 

2. How to spend your Gems

You get Gems in the boxes for free or of cource you can buy your own. The best use of your gems as far as maxing out your account the quickest is going to be on a Token Doubler as a new play but if you are able to get with a group of friends buying Ticket Rolls and playing Robot Rumble is going to be the other best use of your gems as that is going to be the best way to go ahead and get the best return on your gems.

After you buy the ticket roll, go ahead with a group in Robot Rumble and if you can get a good time you are going to get the Best return, the most coins per coins is going to be from buying those ticket rolls. But if you are not able to do that my recommendation is to use gems for Token Doublers. The only other problem with buying Ticket Rolls with your gems is that you can only buy one roll of Tickets weekend. You are not going to be able to spend a bunch of gems at once on ticket rolls so in that case using it on the Token Doubler is going to be the best option.

3. Ammo

In Brawl Stars each character has a different reload speed, some of them are faster some of them are slower and you need to be careful on how you use your ammo. If you don’t have the ammo to kill you are going to regret using it earlier if you miss. Do not constantly fire your shots. A lot of new players are just constantly shooting whenever they see someone, if you don’t have a good shot on somebody consider waiting until you have a good shot.

It is better to have the ammo for those shots when you have a good shot available as opposed to just firing blindly, not really knowing where or when somebody is going to pop out. if you did use all of your shots consider waiting to reload fully if you have taken some damage while you are reloading its a grate time to heal up, If you are constantly attacking it will stop you from healing. You need to not be attacking in order to heal up so while you are reloading why not take that time to reload and heal at the same time.

Another grate use of your ammo is to check the bushes if there are bushes on the map there could be easily a Brawler hiding in those bushes so before walking into them make sure you shoot trough those bushes and see if someone actually is in those bushes. If you have extra ammo and you are not sure where anyone is just start firing down likely places where someone might walk. On some maps there are small choke points where someone is going to have to walk trough those choke points if they want to get up on the map. Those are going to be some grate places to shoot so just go ahead and shoot down those places and more likely than not someone is going to be eventually walking by there

4. Brawlers


You have to know the range and spread of every single brawler, this is going to be really important if a brawler out ranges you or not, for example Piper is going to have a longer range than you so for you to go ahead and deal damage to them they are already going to be in your range or you already going to be in their range for a couple of times and that might not be a good match up for you.

Or if you are a Bull versus Shelly, she is going to have a longer range than you but it wont do that much damage at long range. Different Brawlers like Poco can hit multiple people at once and have a really wide spread. This is going to be really important for you to learn how to dodge shots from different Brawlers. Go ahead and take the time to figure out how long each brawlers range is and how wide and far it goes.

5. Play with friends


Playing with random people can often be one of the most frustrating things in Brawl Stars because you have no communications at all and you don’t know how good they are and you don’t have any team comp going on so join a band and also try to fill up your friends list. You can put up to 200 people in your friends list. There are a lot of ways on how you can do that, join different bands and request friends from them and than go back to your own band. Join different Discord groups there is a lot of different groups where you can go and join their discord group and find different people to play with. Groups like Nova or tribe, you can even go and join the Discord for Brawl Stars subreddit

6. Game modes and maps

Different brawlers are better on different types of maps and in different types of game modes. Some might be really versatile and good on a bunch of different game modes and maps but some of them might be really specific like Mortis. He is really good in bravo also as an offensive Brawler getting the ball and trying to get goals but he is not that grate in some other modes like Heist where he is not going to be able to deal that much damage and he is not grate against the safe.

In other situations some Brawlers are really good on open maps like Piper is really good on maps that are good for long ranged brawlers, open maps whit not that many spaces to hide where the enemy can escape to. But other brawlers like Bull are really good on maps with lots of grass and walls where he can use them to hide behind and get closer to the enemy. Learn the maps and before you go and play see what Brawlers might be good

7. Die strategically

In Gem Grab if your team has countdown they have gems and you have one person holding all the gems the other two people should go ahead and try to get in front of the enemy to stall them and actually die. You might even want to die because than you can respawn invincible and you will be even closer to the teammate who has the gems and if that teammate ends up falling and dying at least you will be invincible near them and you can go and pick up the gems.

Or you can deal with even more enemies who killed your teammate. In Bounty this can be werry good, if you have a teammate who is worth a lot of Stars and you are getting close to the end of the game you want to put yourself in front of them, take the shots for them, make sure they are not dying and maybe you die instead because you are worth much less to the end outcome of the team because you have less points.

This can be really important to do even in Duo Showdown, maybe your teammate has way more power ups than you do you should try and keep them alive because they have a better chance to win with those higher power ups than you do. If you can go ahead and put yourself in front of the enemy and allow your teammates to live that can be a really good situation to do so

8. Learn how to win 1v1

You want to know which brawler is going to win vs other brawlers more often than not in a 1vs1. If you are a Bull vs a Shelly if that Shelly doesn’t have Super more often than not the Bull is going to win. If the Shelly does have its Super than she usually has the advantage. Try to learn what brawlers counter other brawlers.

My most important tip is to have fun, if you are on a loosing streak than just pause for a while.

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