Brawl Stars Robo Rumble Guide

Dominate Robo Rumble like a boss, killing lots and lots of robots to get lots of tokens. First things you have to know about Robo Rumble is that it starts out with one robot in the first wave and it increases by one robot every two waves until you get to a boss wave. The boss wave is the Big Robot that fires out rockets and has a lot of health making it difficult to kill.

Every 12 seconds a new wave spawns, these spawn in a random corner of the map but once you get to a boss wave it resets and after that is going to go back down to just one robot. The boss waves last 22 seconds so you have a little bit longer than the normal waves to kill it. This can be somewhat difficult as the boss might spawn far away and not only you have to kill the boss but you have to walk to it which may lose you some precious seconds.

After every boss wave, every robot increases its health and in damage. There are 3 types of robots besides the boss robots.

Types of robots:

  1. The high health melee robot, these are slow and medium damage but high health.
  2. The small robots which are fast with medium health and decent damage.
  3. Shooter robots with low health but with high damage, these fire lasers and these are going to be the most difficult out of the 3 to take out.

There are only 3 bosses and after the third boss, the robots will no longer reset they will just keep increasing every second wave making defeating them harder and harder. To get the maximum amount of tokens you have to beat the time of 6 minutes and 15 seconds, with this time you will get 32 tokens which is the max. In the current Robo Rumble, it is pretty difficult as the walls are destructible so the boss robot can destroy them.

When you are facing the Big Robot you want to try and save your Super for that boss, whatever Brawler you are try and save it and then use it on the boss, even if you are a turret user. If you use your Super before the boss fight make sure to get back your super as fast as possible to aid in the boss fight. In the later waves, you are probably using your Super to stay alive but do try to save it for the boss.

It is very important to kill the boss as quickly as possible if you have to fight the boss plus the other robots you will be overwhelmed.

Try to turn the boss away from your Safe, he fires rockets to break down the walls and you are using those walls for defending.

Take turns to get close to the boss, as soon as the boss sees you he will start to fire his rockets. Make sure you avoid his rockets and if you have some high health brawlers on your team let them make the first contact till then you should heal up and reload. Wait until you are full on ammo before you attack the boss if you have multiple people with high health on your team the boss is going to target the one with the highest health.

Try and attack the robot boss as soon as possible, be spread out to avoid damage but not so spread out that you can not help each other. Early on in the first couple of boss fights to killing him will be easy but as the more rounds you survive it will be more and more difficult.

Once you get past the third boss you will be stuck by the safe as the robots will have so much health that killing them will take a lot of time and you will have to work together with your teammates to do it. The sooner you can damage the robots the sooner you will be able to kill them and you will be less likely to be overwhelmed.

Best brawlers for Robo Rumble

Robo Rumble is not a great mode to play with randoms, team coordination is very important so is the team composition. Try it out with randoms but my recommendation is to try and find a team. There are 2 brawlers which are very good in Robo Rumble which are Pam and Jesse and Pam is the best of these 2


Very high health does a lot of damage hitting all here shots and it is pretty easy to do that in Robo Rumble as there are 2 melee robots. Here healing turret is very useful as a lot of times in Robo Rumble you will be constantly shooting in the later waves and you are not going to have time to heal up so the healing turret is going to help you out a lot. The turret will allow you to take much more damage and it will be constantly healing 3 people most of the time.

Place the turret just right on top of the safe because you never know from what direction the robots will be coming and the safe is in the most central place of the map. If you are in a boss fight don’t forget to use it, if someone is dying against the third boss you are going to be in a really bad situation and you probably not going to get max keys or tokens.


Place Jesse’s turret right on the safe this way it will be always useful as robots are always going to be coming in no matter what. You can also get a lot of bounce shots later in the wave. Jesse is not going to be super strong the first 4 minutes but after that Jesse tends to be really strong. You have to make sure you are using hee turret against the boss, if you are not using it you are going to struggle and it will take you a long time to finish of the boss.

Jesse is a fairly low damage dealing brawler and if you don’t have the turret up you will struggle. Make sure to use here star power, if you don’t have her star power than place the turret a little bit further from the boss so he doesn’t target it.

If you think your turret is about to die try and get in front of the boss so he targets you. After a wave is cleared and you have here star power go ahead and use her star power on the turret and see from where the next robot is going to come. Then you can go ahead and attack that robot as fast as possible

Pam and Jesse are the best for the Robo Rumble but you can also use El Primo, Frank, Ricochet, Colt and Bull. Try all of these out and see which one works the best for your playstyle. All of these brawlers are a good option for Robo Rumble.

El Primo

Very high health, you can hit multiple robots at a time. Use the walls as a choke point so you can hit as many as possible


He can hit multiple robots, he is not going to be great against the melee robots because he will be taking damage all the time from them. He can also stun the robots but be careful un using that stun early on as you don’t want to break down the walls to soon but once you get past the 4 minutes go ahead and use the stun if you can hit multiple robots. You will break down the walls but it is going to be worth it as you will stay alive as long as possible.


He is also a really good option, make sure you use the balls and get as close to the robots as possible. Make sure you have heals as a tank you will get a lot of damage. If you have a star power try and be at 40% health if you can and you are going to deal a lot of damage. With Bull you almost don’t want to use his super as it isn’t worth it most of the times, the only time is if there is a shooter robot and it it is one full Bull super away than you can use it if it is not breaking any important walls.

Colt and Richoche

These are a little bit more inconsistent as they deal a lot of damage but they will be more likely to die due to their low health but there are going to be batter against the shooter robots. they have the range and they can engage the robots earlier but at the higher waves these start to getting 2 shots from the shooter robots. You could break down more walls so they have a longer range to attack but this is risky. These 2 are also going to be really good against the boss because of their high damage and range and they are not going to take damage from the boss as they will be far away from it.

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