Brawl Stars how to get more brawl boxes

How to get more brawl boxes and level up faster in brawl stars?

The main way to progress in the game is actually trough brawl boxes and tokens and by rising in trophies.

Every day go into the shop and collect your free reward whether is going to be a brawl box which is the best one, or coins,  toke doublers and power points. Be sure to log in every day to collect the rewards and also check your events. Every time a new event rotates in and there is a NEW on it is going to give you 10 tokens.

Check above your battle button to see how many tokens you can earn as it gets capped out at 100. If you are already at 100 and you are not battling than you are wasting tokens.  Go into some battles and even if you lose some games it doesn’t matter, your main focus is to lower that number to 0 if possible. After that, it will have a timer for every timed interval which will give you 20 tokens to unlock.

Star tokens

Star tokens are for the big boxes and are rarer. Every day in the new events when the “new” pops up to join the game and if you win one time in that new mode you will collect the star toke. You can only get one-star token for every new event after that you will have to wait for 24 hrs for a new opportunity. Big boxes are harder to get with the star tokens but if you battle every day and win your first battle on each game mode they will start to add up big time.


With the trophy road as you progress it has a lot of things like brawlers, power points and boxes. The trophy road is very beneficial to increase your trophies in Brawl Stars. As for how you do that is to try and get as many brawlers as you can because each brawler has its individual trophies. Showdown early on is the best way to increase your trophies at a rapid rate. up until 150-200 trophies because early on even if you place really bad you are not going to lose a whole lot of trophies and if you take first or second you will get 6-8 trophies.

The added benefit is that you don’t have to worry about teammates. When you get a new brawler jump into showdown and start progressing as fast as you can until you start loosing and dropping. A lot of new players are sticking with one brawler and trying to get that brawler to super high trophies but that is going to slow down your progression because it is difficult. Try and evenly push up your brawlers and evenly level up your brawler’s ranks.

You don’t want to spend all your power points on just one brawler because you will only have only one high-level brawler, also trophy push your brawlers evenly. If you do this you will progress faster on your trophy road and at the same time you are going to get better because you will learn how to play the new brawlers. learning its strengths and weaknesses so when you go up against that brawler you will have a better shot.

Once you get 350 trophies you will get the special events tab, currently there is only Big Game and Robo Rumble, you want to collect your tickets every day by logging in and clicking on your tickets. If you want to get as many tokens as possible the best and easiest way is to play Robo Rumble as it is a lot easier to get tokens on robo rumble because it is easier to get a long time.


If you have some gems to spend early on you want to be using the 50 gems token doubler and if you have spare gems after that go for the tickets.  It is difficult to get the max rewards out of Robo Rumble as you have to reach 6m 15s. Even if you can’t get that time and you are around 6 minutes then go for the tickets but test it out first with your brawler levels and your team to see if you can get there. For example, if you spent 50 gems on just tickets it will be the same as if you are not getting the max time in Robo Rumble.

It is very hard if your brawlers are lower level and not to mention that you will have to wait 2 weekends to buy 50 gems worth. If you have 80 gems it is worth getting the 60 tickets because that allows you to do 3 max bets.

Try to get the key doubler when you are doing the Special Events especially if you are betting big because that will get you a lot of boxes faster and will help you to progress further

Everyone has a lvl in Brawl Stars this lvl has no significance at all except when every time you level up you get tokens. Leveling up just by playing matches, gaining xp, you get a ton of xp points in the special events. If you play a lot you can easily cap out on your xp per day, around 4-5 hours.

Every time you increase your brawler’s trophy rank you are going to see it on the top left and it goes all the way up to 20. 20 is at 500 trophies and after that it won’t go up or down.

Once you hit a rank you stay at that rank but every time you rank up you get tokens so this is another benefit to trophy pushing fast because as that trophy rank for your brawlers increase you are going to get a lot more tokens just from pushing.

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